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Businesses competing in the market gain a competitive advantage over the others within the same industry because of the accuracy of their data and efficiency of their operations of course among other complex aspects of the market. The key to accurate data is the use of a great system to collect the data and automate departmental functions. We provide you with a customized CRM system to help you in your decision making, support you in the management of your business and improve your business reporting.

Our team of developers has expansive knowledge in business needs and processes which they can develop from simple to more sophisticated custom CRMs to match your needs. We provide you with an effective, competent and easy to use CRM system that can be expansive as your business continues to expand.

Our CRM system has the following key benefits

Our intention is not to appeal to businesses by creating a CRM that has complex features but to listen to your needs and specifically provide you a customized CRM to perfectly suit your business. With this approach, we take the toll off your budget and save you from having to pay for extra unwanted or functionless features and also save on time you require to implement your CRM within your business. This makes the system easy to use for your employees. The user interface is made simple to use as it is made up of features that are relevant to your employees.

The good news for our clients is that our CRM pricing is per amount used and not per user. We give you control over deciding the number of users to your system without you having to worry that you will be paying for additional users who don’t even log into the system. Our clients pay exactly what they consume and no extra penny arising from the draconian pay per user pricing. Better still is that our customized CRM are scalable and hence additional features, capabilities and/or reporting can be incorporated to include other new business functions hence no need to purchase a new system. Additional features mean additional pay but here we charge a substantially low amount on additional features.

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