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Magento Ecommerce Development & Customization

The ultimate solution to your desire for a functional online store is our custom Magento Store. We boast a highly experienced and professional Magento certified development team to carter for the specific unique needs of all our clients. We develop highly functional ecommerce stores with simple but exciting user friendly platforms integrated with payment solutions, order management system, shipping modules and search engine optimization friendly architecture.

Magnento offers top quality store designs and customized development to API integration and traffic acquisition. Magnento can be customized by our clients to their desired designs. Our store designs have a combination of exclusive but interactive features that enable best conversion rates after optimization.


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magento ecommerce store development

We are best in providing Magento E-commerce Development Services and our customers benefit from our highly functional designs in the following ways

Magento Ecommerce designs are completely customizable

Our clients have unique features for their stores for which we are happy to develop extensions for them. We offer functionalities depending on the preference of the client ranging from shipment to management.

resposnive magento ecommerce development

  • Our Magento Ecommerce designs are completely customizable. This is a fully fledged transactional platform which is integrated with other extensional services like payment solutions, order management system, shipping modules and search engine optimization friendly architecture. When we receive your preferences, our experts customize your top quality store designs and align it to your exact preferences. In addition, we highlight your unique preferences by creating custom extensions that enable your customers to choose their shipping dates, sort menu to their convenience and set reminders to their wish lists.
  • We provide all-round clock monitoring of your online store to ensure efficiency. We are always working to provide security checks, upgrade our code, implement upgrades to our versions, install new extensions, fix bugs and back-ups, all this to maintain our top functionality standards. We ensure that you and your customers are safe from external interference by hackers. On a monthly basis we provide analysis of logs and give our clients the best recommendations to enable their businesses to grow and fully tap into our basket of benefits.
  • Our clients don’t need to worry about excess traffic during peak shopping hours because for every challenge, we offer an innovative way to circumvent through. We tune your store to handle traffic and synchronize new features into your custom store to display an equally large number of products spilling in thousands within nanoseconds and deliver close to 100% uptime. All this optimization is intended to increase page load speed, configure and install caches and maximize conversions. Our optimization ensures that even at peak hours, your customers have the best shopping experience.
  • We endeavor to give you quality traffic within your online store which is geared towards yielding transactions. This we achieve through well-structured search engine optimization campaigns aligned with your specific business needs. We will optimize your store in line with a competitive landscape to accurately convert and pay. Our total customization of your online store from top quality designs enhances traffic acquisitions that ensure business efficiency and growth.

Why hire Avem Networks?

Single Admin Panel

One can create multiple shops and operate them under a single admin panel.

Multiple Shipments

Customers shop for products through only three simple steps and multiple shipments to different locations within a single order.

Powerful SEO

A powerful SEO that ranks top with marketing tools in built.

Localizes Settings

Our Magento localizes multiple currencies and tax rates as well as other configurable lists.

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